1: Dehydration


Your kidneys to filter toxins out of the water right. When you are deprived of your body with water, you make it impossible for his kidney for their work.



2: High sugar foods.
h s food2

Thanks to an all-time high in the rate of use. Is sugar a big toll on your kidneys, and follow everything. Years can affect our work and weaken your kidneys.



3: Too heavy with salt container.
heavy salt container

Can I put too much salt on your diet you can dehydrate your kidney and blood pressure are pressuring increase added to the burden.




4: Holding your urine
holding image

Even though you think you are saving by skipping trips to the bathroom, what you are really out of your kidneys. Toxic materials through regular urine your body to allow to get rid of kidney health is an essential ingredient.



5: Out magnesium left forward
out of mag2

A lack of magnesium, a toll with time on his kidney. The United States is one of the most common errors, if it splamantong.




6: Coffee.

Coffee makes your kidneys work hard so much habit. They can take extra work for awhile, but after the assault, they start to break down.



7: Medicines

Because of all the drugs they have chemicals on your kidney is extremely difficult. Although he occasionally must be safe to use, if you find yourself reaching for painkillers often try to find acceptance, healthy techniques.



8: Drinking alcohol


Very few people drink alcohol which is very bad for your kidneys are able to stop in for that reason. Not only does their habit to pressure is above the liver, with the additional function for your kidney to complete performance very difficult. Instead, switch to water.



9: Meat
too much meet

Animal protein, although ligan important part of the diet of many people, it is difficult for your body to digest. Protein toxins that break down your kidneys, and all of it coming from filtering in a very different time. Try a few days per week is vegetarian.



10- Not getting enough sleep:

Sleep is one of the most important parts of health, but is also the aspect that often is overlooked. A maximum of eight hours of sleep per night, although such shut-eye aim to get at least seven hours. When treated correctly, your kidneys, your body can keep going for decades. The dangerous habits of kicking horse treat them right.

Posting by Dr.S Munir