Your gateway to your body language is like. Everything stops on the way you eat your tongue. Moreover, growing from a perfect place for bacteria, and is highly porous. If something is wrong in your body as it first appears on your tongue that should come as no surprise.
To search for the many different signs of the health of the tongue. You are seeing that, keep in mind your tongue aspects of appearance:
what you didn’t know is that, your tongue can give you a possible overview of what health problems you are probably be facing which you are unaware of. More often than not, people often tend to neglect the tongue as part of the system.tongue2

It usually looks like your tongue is important to take note .

-Tongue Should be pink

-It Should be covered with papillae

It should be wet enough

Following this way you will feel as if deviation.
1. Pink and Red tongue
tongue 5
A red tongue of a lack of vitamins, especially folic acid or vitamin B12 may be due. Kawasaki disease, scarlet fever and other signs of ill health in your body, especially if it can lead to a red tongue. , red tongue also is a pathognomonic sign .

2.White tongue/white spots with the tongue/
tongue 3

A white tongue often oral thrush, a yeast that can not solve on their own have caused the infection. it’s something not quite right in your body is one of the most common symptoms can be.

A white tongue often oral thrush, a yeast that can not solve on their own have caused the infection.

A trip to the dentist can show you whether antibiotics are necessary.

3.Black, hair tongue:
Black, hairy tongue usually negative side effect of taking oral antibiotics. Therefore, it’s quite a long time for you to take oral antibiotics often, especially when you examine your mouth is important.
In some cases, a patient’s tongue you need to change your lifestyle indicates.

If you suffer from oral thrush, for example, your diet should be low in sugar and carbohydrates.

If this happens, the bacteria grow in your mouth and can cause black bumps .

If you have frequent canker sores In addition, you have acid and low in fat you may have to restrict food intake. This requires special attention to any other parts of your body as it is important to treat your tongue.
When you brush your teeth, stop, look and pay attention to your tongue and to assess the potential papillae can be seethed Sugar and that of your tongue to remove bacteria do not forget to clean the floor is the best.  open your mouth and on your hair looks like something that could be dangerous to look. However, it is likely that the language is not the original hair. Papillae on the tongue as you grow, they can grow longer and bumpier. When this happens, they are more likely to catch the bacteria. The tongue scraping or by careful oral hygiene can be solved

Ideally, your tongue should be pink and covered with papillae. It should be quite wet, a dry tongue is often a sign of a serious water shortage. If it deviates from the details of his language problem, keep reading to find out what might be.

Created by: Dr. S. Munir
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