What is Chickenpox?
Chickenpox ( varicella ), a viral disease characterized by itchy red rash, childhood is one of the most common infectious diseases. It is usually mild in children but serious complications such as bacterial pneumonia, is not risk. People who have had chickenpox almost always ( meaning you are very likely to get it again ) develop lifelong immunity. However, the virus remains dormant in the body and can reactivate later in life.

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Main causes chickenpox? Herpes varicella zoster virus Chickenpox is caused. A sneeze or cough, or an infected person’s clothes, bed lines or blisters ozing is spread by contact with droplets. 10 to 21 days after the onset of symptoms is exposure. Before the rash appears completely dry and rash and itching until the disease is most contagious a day or two.

What are the symptoms of smallpox? Chickenpox neck, torso, face and spreads to the limbs as a very itchy rash appears. Lasting seven to 10 days, a rash of fluid-filled blisters that scab groove and then (vesicles) increases from the red bumps. Vesicles on the genitals or around the eyes, on the scalp, and may appear in the mouth can be very painful. About two weeks after this cycle, all the lesions have healed, until finally repeats itself in new areas of the body. The disease is contagious until all the spots have dried up. Unfortunately, before the rash breaks out, the virus is contagious for at least a day.

You think your child has chickenpox. A doctor can confirm the diagnosis. Chickenpox is accompanied by severe pain and skin rash discharge creates a green secondary bacterial infections of the skin and the surrounding skin symptoms, which becomes red. Chickenpox such as meningitis or encephalitis are signs of a more serious illness such as stiff neck, drowsiness or lethargy is accompanied by constant. Get medical help immediately. Your child is recovering from chicken pox or drowsy and have convulsions, fever, vomiting starts running.

Get medical help immediately. Smallpox is an adult family member. You never had chickenpox and are exposed to disease, are pregnant. So that your child may be at risk, seek medical advice without delay. Chickenpox is highly contagious. Until all blisters have crusted over bursts and keep your child at home.

Most cases of chickenpox symptoms need treatment out of little or no treatment.
Prescription antiviral drug aciclovir is effective to shorten the duration of symptoms of chicken pox and rash appearing within 24 hours of receiving medical advice, pregnant women, those with a weakened immune system, and as adults Smallpox Some may be recommended for people with. Also, your doctor, pain, itching and swelling over the counter painkillers to relieve and may recommend an anti-histamine. Antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections of the skin or if the person with smallpox is so called bacterial pneumonia develops.

Special Care for Childrens

The average child with chicken pox lesions is about 300.

The first flat red spots, fluid filled vesicles, crusted vesicles and lesions in different stages, including at the same time to have quite common for children with chicken pox or feature.

Fever with chicken pox usually ranges from 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, but in some cases may be as high as 106 degrees.

Before they develop a rash all crusted vesicles until his children with chicken pox are contagious for 1 or 2 days.

Or scratched off the infected chicken pox scars can lead to crusts.
Chicken pox vaccine for chicken pox after children who have milder symptoms and less often with lesions, is an atypical case.